Food to feed Our Island.

Small farm located in beautiful Waimanalo, Hawai'i committed to grow the best produce with lots of love.


We grow a variety of vegetables and greens: from basil to hot peppers to tomatoes and more. All are grown with organic practices to ensure happy land, happy plants and beautiful food.

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Established in 2016, Bear Claw Farm is the culmination of a longstanding dream.  Want to learn more about how the dream became a reality?

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A snapshot of farm life: discover how your food is grown and stay up to date on the farm's activities and all the action in Waimanalo.

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The key for a sustainable world relies on communities being able to supply their own food.

Today there is a disconnect between the field and the refrigerator. Many people aren't educated on the source and the journey of their food. Farms often aren't communicating their complete story either. The lack of transparency regarding food has become normal but we strongly believe education is power. The decision making of nourishing one's body and the care of our ecosystem should not be taken lightly.

We believe an evolution in farming needs to happen to allow for a sustainable and food-secure future. Furthermore, farms need to do a better job communicating, educating, and connecting with those they feed.

Bear Claw Farm wants to lead and be an example of small-scale farming by sharing our work. We want to share the challenges, creativity, and the evolution of our education and methods of growing food. It is a continuous learning process and with this site we hope to inspire you to change your community and start growing.

From Hawai'i to the world.