Hurricane Lane

Wishing safety for all humans and plants in the coming storm. 

We secured loose ends and got one final harvest in (including an early, very first harvest of zucchini and tomatillos!) , and that's all you can do. Feeling a little better about the weed to soil ratio on most of my beds, and hoping that helps with rain, erosion, and potential flooding. Two beds were completely weeded at the beginning of the week but otherwise we have a lot of ground with vegetation. Our almost 10 foot tall okra will likely get some damage, the beautiful almost ready salad mix might be lost, newly seeded cover crop that just germinated is questionable, and I won't even bring up the word hoop house... but what can you do! We have faith in the plants. It was a beautiful but slightly eerie day at the farm. We'll be back at the farm after the storm is over with a report then. For now, time to work on other projects, relax and stay alive.