Beginning Of An Era

Happy to announce the establishment of a new, larger plot! Bear Claw continues as an 1 acre market farm. Here’s to many more vegetables produced in the coming months!

Trying to take time to research and plan before the field takes off. One book I read-skimmed was Making Your Small Farm Profitable by Ron Macher. Some food for thought was Macher’s use of the word agripreneurship and this guiding principle: To be sustainable, a farm must be profitable. Your farm must be profitable.

And applicable advice for all is:

  • Be disciplined.

  • Don’t procrastinate.

  • Practice scheduled, efficient, and productive work habits.

  • Keep a positive attitude.

  • Be happy.

Written in 1999, there is just a few outdated bits that now seem amusing. For example he writes, “The last piece of machinery I would like to discuss is the newest tool for farms — the computer. I recommend investing in this tool for a variety of reasons. … Computers do not need to be expensive …Look at used computers, or low end models.”

To conclude this book report, 1. books about farming are inspiring and helpful and 2. very dated observations about new technology will always make me laugh.