An unboxing and initial review of the Stand ‘N Plant Planter - 5 stars on my first broccoli transplanting experience. The seedlings needed a quick tuck into the soil but proficiency may improve with practice. And with no holes needed dug, one can’t complain.* Next up is the popcorn salesperson vendor tray (well, some sort of homemade contraption) to hold the seedlings.

*soil conditions and transplant seedling quality determine if the planter can be used

Other favorite characteristics include its fire engine red color (power color) and the planter was shipped from Rose Rd, Saltsburg PA! It’s meant to be!

And a few bonus scenes from the last week: banana harvest thanks to former plot neighbors, a well-balanced drip layer system, tarp covering the final (oversized) bed in the first 1/3 acre section, and pretty Dragon Tongue beans.